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Oct. 30th, 2014

A few years ago, it seems like a flash to me (3rd grade?), I was obsessed with Australia. I wish I knew what caused this infatuation with the continent/country but it came upoun me like a fever. I remember going to my school library and getting a good stack of books on it, the librarian said, "why are you so interested in australia?" The first thing that came to my mind was lizards. Just like that that, half a blink of an eye, I said "lizards."  Of course the librarian already knew about my interest in dinosaurs and their kin, this was before I learned that dinosaurs evolved into birds, I was just on the cusp. (now i cant imagine velociraptors without feathers! BUT i will scoff at a T Rex with feathers. Oh, you shouldve been there the first time i saw Sue. I wouldve wept if i was by myself. (i hope i'm reincarnated as a therepod))

Earlier today I was hanging out with my friends and the discussion came to What Would You Do If The Shit Hit The Fan, as is par for the course, my friends are awesome. Aftera good talk it came down to, would you leave one behind? I said, "yeah, fuck it, if worse come to worse, don't wait for me. Fuck, run harder! If I'm not at a rendevouz point at an arrranged time then just keep going." That sounds bleak, but I swear it's not. If I cant be your ally or I cant help you any longer/become a burden, yet you see a safe path then go for that path. I'm drunker than I thought. It was harder to write than I expected. HA
Toolbox is coming together pretty well. I got these awesome self adjusting wrenches today, which will take the place of a usual adjustable wrench, and a nice new ratchet because I deserve it. Right now I'm soaking a really beat up vice grip in coke, which should help loosen some rust, tomorrow I'll pick up a couple of green pads from work and use the baking soda to hopefully knock out the rust on those fuckers. I tossed a utility knife in there, that probably came from work (it's not like there's a shortage of sharp objects there). I picked up a 10 buck tool box at kmart cause all the ones at the house have stuff in em that maybe my dad put together. All I need now is a couple pliers, some tape, an oil filter wrench (ideally you can take em off by hand, but it sucks after a few months of road crime.) Ah, and a C clamp.
HAVE YOU SEEN THE VIDEO WHERE DUDE PLUMMETS TO EARTH FROM SPACE? IT'S NUTS! It's amazing! Sometimes I get a little down because I strongly doubt I'll ever get off this planet, but then I think "Dude, you haven't even been to Canada, and that's connected to the country you live in! You haven't even been to Montana!" That makes me feel a little better, but a lot worse because I don't go anywhere. Ahg.

For dinner I'm having cold beans on tostadas with some cheese on em and a beer.
Dear lj. I know my entries have sucked lately, but i have been writing a lot in my real life notebook(s). You should see my notebook(s); maps and bus numbers abound alonf with book titles and facts i made up.

not sure if i want to do nanwrimo this year

Oct. 14th, 2010

I am sure that some dude walked away with my american rentals pen at work today, a pen i acquired by walking away with it in the first place.
There's a road trip movie starring Iron Man and that Zack Zangief (i can't spell his name and will not even try to spell NOR EVEN GOOGLE). In one of the trailers there was a part where one of Tony Stark's friends tells him, "You spit on his dog?!" Which is HILARIOUS. It just showed on tv and I laughed until I cried. Can you imagine being so exasperated with someone that you spit on their dog? HAHA I got a cold. I don't want to do anything tomorrow but lounge around the house and listen to weird music on WZRD or something while drifting in and out of fever tinged dreams.


I found my phone! I thought I left it at American Rental (i am sorry for taking your pen!), so I was going to just wait until tomorrow to get it, BUT NO since I work tomorrow. Luckily I had actually left it at Home Depot like a jerk. This is basically the high point of my day.

You know what's awesome

Not unloading trucks full of hardware stuff into an already cramped store. It's crazy how much stuff is in that place. Crazy. But sometimes I can't find a fucking washer.

I'm so broke my wallet is 2D.

Need more snooze.


I'll go to work. But I don't feel like being particular normal today. Instead of saying good bye I'll be saying Cthulhu fhtagn. Fuck it's late.


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